Ladies High Wedge Sandal Shoes – Sizes 36-42

Key Features

  • Your own style and style;
  • Wear-resistant, non-slip, breathable, heat resistant;
  • Light weight and comfortable walking;
  • Fashion women’s boots;
  • Non-slip rubber soles.

UGX135,000 UGX150,000


Ladies wedges available in Sizes 36-42.

Environmentally friendly shoes. Buy these innocence, your purchase will have no dents surroundings!

These faux suede pumps are suitable for all seasons and are easy to penetrate.

Comfortable all day, easy to wear dresses, jeans, Tights, shorts, complete Stylish look.

They match all the fabrics in the closet, including , jeans, Shirts, pants and single pieces.

For your friends, Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Ceremony, they are the best gift with wedding anniversary.

You and your girlfriend are sitting in a quiet cafe.

Every step of your toes will make you shine. This classic shoe brings a modern touch

Plush or vegan leather upper adds a touch of height and style.