Crystal classy heels

Key Features

  • Applicable age: Adult
  • Project Type: Shoes
  • Occasion: office
  • Style: Stylish
  • Upper material: Leather
  • Features: Light weight and breathable.
  • Dry and comfortable: The fabric is breathable
  • Safe and secure: The concave and convex lines of the sole are non-slip and wear resistant
  • Soft and comfortable: The feet are soft and light.

UGX130,000 UGX150,000


Note: Due to the differences between the different screens, the image may not reflect the actual color of the project. We guarantee that the model is shown in the same picture, but the transactions in different entities are different models, thank you!

If the feet are thick and wide, please buy shoes of larger size; if the shoes are too large, it is recommended to wear insoles.

Size reference (our shoes are EU size)

EU size 39 = China size 39 = foot length 24.5 cm.

EU size 40 = China size 40 = foot length 25.0 cm.

EU size 41 = China size 41 = foot length 25.5 cm.

EU size 42 = China size 42 = foot length 26.0 cm.

EU size 43 = China size 43 = foot length 26.5 cm.

EU size 44 = China size 44 = foot length 27.0 cm

  • It has been carefully designed to stand the test of time. Make sure you can wear it for a long time. You can wear them in interesting places at any time of the day, such as walking, dating and going to work. Believe that I really have a lot of advantages, such as materials, ventilation, style, you need to wear them to feel.
  • It has a range of details that will make you stand out. No matter how long you wear it, it will continue to maintain its solid form. This set will give you a casual and stylish look. You’d better have a set because it keeps you comfortable all day.
  • Are you always looking for a store with the best creativity, inspiration and soul enhancement? We can always get something that surprises you.
  • If the item is good, please give a five-star rating. Your praise is the driving force for our continuous efforts.
  • The height of the heel is 11 cm
  • If your foot is thick or wide,we suggest you choose one size larger!
  • We guarantee that our goods are high-quality products!
  • EU size35=Foot length22.5cm
  • EU size36=Foot length23cm
  • EU size37=Foot length23.5cm
  • EU size38=Foot length24cm
  • EU size39=Foot length24.5cm
  • EU size40=Foot length25cm

  • Weight (kg): 0.6
  • Color: All colors