Double Commercial Deep Fryer, 12Litres


  • Best for commercial use
  • Easy to use and faster
  • It’s strong and has astrong heater
  • Its economical since it uses afew litres of oil in each bowl
  • Its affordable and long lasting
  • It has an Automatic heat regulation switch
  • Durable and affordable



Double Commercial Deep Fryer, 12Litres – Silver.

This double deep fryer is the best for commercial use in hotels, restaurants, takeaway kiosks and home also. The product is made of a strong board that can resist any kind of heat and with stand working for longer hours, it also has a strong heater that is made capable to work for longer hours and also fast heating to safe power and time.

The fryer comes with two stainless steel oil bowls that helps not to mix up food of different cooking heat percentages, or not to mix spices with non spiced foods, like chicken can be put in one bowl and french fries in another bowl.

This also saves time since you cook two different foods at the same time. The fryer has two removable stainless steel colanders which make removing easy, it also has heat control nods on each heater which help in heat regulation,the fryer colanders are all insulated with black handles which keeps the user safe from any accidental burns during frying.

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