Bella Zuri Handwash (Cleaning Fresh) 250ml

Key Features

Bella Zuri Handwash is a fantastic product that combines effective cleansing gentle care for your hands.

it’s enriched with moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated ,even after frequent handwashing .

the luxurious formula creates a richer lather that effectively removes dirt and impurities while leaving behind a pleasant scent.

say goodbye to dry hands and hello to clean, nourished skin with Bella Zuri hand wash



Bellazuri’s Handwash – the perfect addition to your daily routine! Infused with natural ingredients, this gentle handwash cleanses and nourishes your hands, leaving them feeling soft and refreshed.

The rich lather envelops your senses in a delicate, irresistible fragrance, making every hand wash a luxurious experience.

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