Air Jordan 6 – Sizes 39-45

Key Features

  • Sports and fashion
  • Leather and perforated panels
  • Reinforced rubber outsole
  • Visible Air-Sole units
  • Athletic shoe
  • Sizes 39-45

UGX215,000 UGX250,000


The Air Jordan 6, introduced in 1991, embodies the peak of Michael Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls. Its design reflects a mix of sports and fashion trends from that era, making it an iconic sneaker in both basketball history and streetwear culture. Collecting it preserves a piece of sports and style history.

The upper of Air Jordan 6 combines leather and perforated panels, offering durability and breathability. The shoe includes a reinforced rubber outsole with visible Air-Sole units in the heel and forefoot, providing exceptional cushioning for comfort and performance on the court. The adjustable lace lock system ensures a secure fit.

In our opinion, what sets the Air Jordan 6 apart from similar products is its iconic design, rooted in the legacy of Michael Jordan. The unique lace lock system provides a custom fit, enhancing its wearability. The visible Air-Sole units not only deliver unmatched comfort, but also make a bold style statement. Its rich history and cultural significance further elevate it beyond a mere athletic shoe, making it a collector’s item and a symbol of basketball excellence that transcends sportswear.

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